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My goal is for you to be thrilled and empowered by your surgical outcomes. As your surgeon, I will carefully listen to your goals and partner with you to formulate a customized plan, blending artistic approach and meticulous execution to help you become your true self. You should expect nothing less than my A-game in every surgery, no matter how simple or complex. 


After completing one of the most competitive Plastic Surgery residencies in the country at University of Washington, I spent a full year in Craniofacial Surgery fellowship at UCLA (#3 hospital in the US). I am thrilled to join the Polyclinic Plastic Surgery team in Seattle and offer the full range of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, with a focus on aesthetic craniofacial surgery.

Especially exciting for me is the opportunity to support the transgender community by offering facial feminization surgery (FFS) and facial masculinization surgery (FMS). FFS is a highly complex group of procedures that involves cutting and sculpting the bones of the forehead and jaw, molding the cartilages of the nose and neck, and refining the overlying soft tissues to completely transform a masculine face into an unmistakably feminine one. FMS involves masculinizing the bone structure of the face, primarily by using custom jaw implants. 

I also specialize in Asian aesthetic surgery, including Asian blepharoplasty (creating a double-eyelid fold), jaw contouring, and Asian rhinoplasty (increasing the projection and definition of the nose).

For facial rejuvenation, I analyze your entire face and offer a comprehensive surgery plan to address all of your facial structures that changed with age. I incorporate my craniofacial surgery expertise by offering soft tissue surgery (facelift, necklift, browlift, eyelid lift), facial fat grafting, and sometimes bone alterations (jaw surgery, chin surgery, and custom facial implants) for a natural-looking youthful result. 

Education and Training:

University of California, Los Angeles: Fellowship in Craniofacial Surgery

University of Washington: Residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Case Western Reserve University: Doctor of Medicine, Alpha Omega Alpha

Stanford University: Bachelor of Science in Biology, with Honors

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